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September 8, 2011
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I sighed, head in my hands, elbows resting against the rail of the balcony. I knew it was Fionna's choice, and I understood her logic, but I just couldn't shake the fact that she had rejected me. Why? I mean, I had heard her reason, but was it true? Was there really something wrong with me?
I was sure that if someone like Marshall Lee the Vampire King asked her she'd jump at the chance. I sighed again in frustration and, as if on cue, said Vampire King was in front of me, floating eerily in the sky.
"Yo, Gumball!" He said cheerily.
"Go away, Marshall." Was all I could manage.
"PG? What's up?" He leaned forward and pressed a cold hand to my forehead. I slapped it away.
"I said go away, Marshall. I'm not in the mood right now." I growled. He floated onto the balcony and crossed his arms, as if to say he wasn't leaving.
Honestly, this man...
"I thought we were mates, PG. Tell me what's up." That surprised me. Why would he care about me enough to ask?
"Fi was mega worried when you didn't visit like you planned."
I get it. He was worried about Fionna.
And that means...
"Do you like Fionna?" I blurted out, and then flushed with embarrassment.
"Well, sure. She's a nice kid."
"No, I mean... n-never mind."
"Wait, do you mean 'like' like? No way. She's so immature. Where did that come from?!" And without really knowing why, I was telling him.
"I asked Fionna on a date." I could have sworn a faint tinge of colour appeared on his cheeks, but it was probably the light.
"Oh. Uh, that's great! Though I don't see why you're so upset about getting a date with a girl you like." He said, half teasing, half puzzled.
"She rejected m-me." I sobbed, and before I could stop myself I was full-blown crying. The Vampire King just stood, there, startled, and suddenly I had an overwhelming longing to throw myself into his arms. Why was that?
"And I... I think I l-love her, but she doesn't like me in that way!" I whimpered pathetically.
"Why wouldn't she love you?" He spun around as if to hide his face, a blue-skinned hand flying to his mouth. "You're... amazing." That was it. I threw myself at him, arms wrapping around his waist as I sobbed feebly into his back. He had completely tensed up, but slowly relaxed and turned around. I felt his strong arms around my shoulders and, suddenly, this felt completely natural.
"Are you sure you love her?" He muttered huskily, in a way that sent chills down my spine and set my face alight with colour.
"I-I... thought so."
"Well... um..." Suddenly I was so aware of him that I couldn't even think what I was saying. I looked up at his face to see that he was flushing similarly to me, and when our eyes met it was like a spark passed between us.
"...I'm not so sure anymore." One of his hands reached up and he rested it on my face, before he lent down and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips. I was surprised, but against my better judgement I returned it. It only lasted seconds, but when he pulled away everything had changed. I found myself completely forgetting about Fionna, instead studying every feature of the Vampire kings face – his dark eyes, his flushed blue skin, his pointed nose and softly smiling mouth. My arms had somehow travelled to his neck, where one of my hands gently explored his bite marks. He pulled me into he chest, and quietly whispered in my ear.
"Gumball... do you want to go on a date?" My heart throbbed. It hadn't been nearly this strong with Fionna.
"Yes." His grip on me tightened.
"You don't know how long I've been waiting to ask you that." I could hear the smile in his voice.
"I'm glad Fionna said no."
Disclaimer: The only thing that belongs to me is the writing itself. Adventure Time and all of it's characters/settings etc belong to P. Ward.

A fanfic I wrote for my current OTP, Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball :) (Haters gonna hate)
I was super annoyed when I saw there were only like, 3 fics for this pairing of!
So I ended up writing this! (I'll put this on there eventually)
I know it's super cheesy and isn't written very well, but I just did it for fun~
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